October 30th 2022 Update

Good news, Talyn: Descent is done (on my end) and off to the editor! The Pre-Order is Live, and I’ve scheduled the release for November 21st. I might, might have been able to schedule it earlier, but I’d rather have room for delays than to be overly optimistic and have to push things back.

I’m pleased with the book, as it met the goals I had for what would occur, and I feel that it progresses Talyn’s story significantly, giving her a solid foundation for future stories. Hopefully you all enjoy it when the book is out as well! Alas, based on scheduling we’re probably looking at a March or April release for the audiobook. Apparently Tess Irondale is very busy!

In other news, I commissioned another piece of art, this one supposed to be the World Tree on Senkar, which is home to Soul Bound and Through the Fire. As with the last one, this was illustrated by Michal Kváč. And yes, most of those flying creatures are dragons. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “October 30th 2022 Update

  1. Indeed! The intent of the World Tree is that it’s supposed to be mind-bogglingly huge. The only reason it can support itself (and that the ground doesn’t collapse under its weight) is magic.

    There’s a reason why the Illisyr consider climbing it far enough to acquire a fresh twig to be turned into a weapon a significant feat.

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