May 1st 2022 Update

I’ve started working on Mistress of Chaos, and it’s going well. I already had some complete for the sneak peek that’s in Adept of Chaos, so it’s up to about 15,000 words. I fully expect to get quite a bit of work done on it this coming week. Also, next week is when Phoenix Ascendant comes out! The narrator has already begun working on the audiobook, so if I’m fortunate, it may come out in late May or June. Much depends on Audible on that front.

On a secondary note, my muse will not leave me alone about the other project I’ve mentioned. I’ve titled it (tentatively) Embers of War, and I’m not sure when/if I’ll publish it, but I’ve got around 40,000 words on it. I’ll discuss more if I make a decision to publish it or not. Some parts of it remind me of Ancient Ruins, particularly the opening sequence. No dungeon core involved, though. Just to make sure to manage expectations there.

Not much else to update all of you on at this point. I’ve got several irons in the fire, as it were, but nothing big. I hope you’re all doing well, and are excited to read Phoenix Ascendant!

2 thoughts on “May 1st 2022 Update

  1. Yay! Great bday present to me to hear this!

    OK, I actually just thought about this. Do you think Lilith would need therapy for what she ended up doing to her creator? Like I get it, it needed to be done, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t mess her up royally.

    Embers of War definitely sounds intriguing 🤔. Well wait for that decision 😅


  2. I suspect she’s going to need some therapy for the trauma of the entire book in general. Less that specific bit, and more, oh… what was done earlier in her book. Some devastating losses were involved, after all.

    Not too much I can really say about Embers at this point… part of why I say that it’s similar to Ancient Ruins is because the opening involves an enormous amount of time passing (around 2,000 years in this case), before an ancient heroine gets resurrected. Of course, she wants to retire, so it’s intended to be a bit more of slice of life. Which probably won’t work out as well as she’d like. >_>


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