April 24th 2022 Update

I should be getting the edited version of Phoenix Ascendant back this week, at which point I can finish formatting it to prepare for the launch date. There isn’t much more to be said about it, really. I’m looking forward to seeing it out there!

This week was intended to be mostly rest and relaxation for me. Right up until a story idea snuck up on me and dragged me off to force me to write it. As of this moment I wrote over 20k on the story, which is insane if you ask me. Most of the time I’m pushing myself to hit 12,500 a week. I also did a little work on Mistress of Chaos, which is up to about 3k words, so progress is being made. I’m going to try to focus on Mistress of Chaos, but it’s entirely possible that the other story, which I haven’t come up with a good title for, cannot be denied. We shall see.

Anyway, lots of stuff going on with me! Now I’ll go back to being distracted by my muse…

One thought on “April 24th 2022 Update

  1. I am, with much skepticism, testing out this ’email comment reply’ system. So, if aNytHing lo0ks a litt1e w3iRd, I’m bl4minG it enTIREly on tH4t. Moving on, I just want to let you know that we are here for you, Ben! If, ‘hypothetically speaking’ someone’s kidnapped you and is keeping you chained to a keyboard until you finish a new story for them, well then, ‘hypothetically speaking’, I might know of a ‘Team’ who just might have the right set of skills to help you out. They’re a bunch of misfits, but they’re definitely ‘A’ class, I pity the fool who gets in their way! So, if you need extraction, just reply back, “Thanks, but I’m fine, no one has kidnapped me and I don’t need to be saved.” But, if you’re really actually safe, then say, “Help Me, Please!!! My fingers are bleeding and I haven’t seen the sun in three days!!!” That way if your captor(s) are watching your outgoing correspondence, they won’t know that anything’s wrong! 😜

    -7OO Tnega Terces


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