October 17th 2021 Update

I didn’t do much on Soul Bound 2 this last week. After spending pretty much all of Monday staring at the screen, trying to figure out how to work on it, I decided to give myself some time away from it to figure out what my problem was. I worked on some other side projects, fretted a bit about the launch of Adept of Chaos, and generally just tried to relax. I’m not sure how well it went, but I’m going to give it another shot tomorrow. If it still doesn’t work this week… I may have to change plans. We’ll see how it goes.

That said, the launch of Adept of Chaos went well! This is my most successful launch of a book since, oh… Halls of Power, though it’s not doing anywhere near as good as Ancient Dreams did as a whole. It’s doing quite well, and I have the next book up for pre-order. One thing I should note is that Eve of Destruction is not intended to be a trilogy. It’s also not intended to have an overarching plot, beyond maybe inside individual books. I see it more as like a TV series, where there’s a lot of episodes, some of which link together but most of which stand on their own.

Also, if you’re willing to review Adept of Chaos, I’d deeply appreciate it!

Now, all of that said, I have some art to share! Mario Wibisono delivered the first of two omnibus covers for Lilith’s Shadow! This one is for the first three books in the series, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I won’t be actually collecting them into omnibus volumes until I have the second cover, though. I took some artistic license with the cover so that each character was in a different outfit, but the scene is from a certain incredibly complicated fight involving Megawatt in Down with the Queen. I hope you like it!

By Mario Wibisono

4 thoughts on “October 17th 2021 Update

  1. Love the picture! artistic license is very acceptable. I think the more accurate all 3 in armored versions would be somewhat boring, even if accurate. So, rule of cool wins! Also, never realized that Warden’s shields looked like that.

    Adept was great, can’t (but will) wait for Mistress (preordered). Guessing from the ending that we’ll see some of Eve’s reasoning for why she doesn’t want to deal with dragondom beyond the occasional low key merc job.


  2. Mm, I wouldn’t say that’s how Warden’s shields would look, but it’s a perfectly good version, and seeing it as a geodesic dome pattern is just neat if you ask me. I’m really happy with it, and looking forward to the next cover.

    I’m really glad you liked Adept of Chaos, though! It was an incredibly tough book to write, but I’m happy with how it turned out in the end. I also look forward to sharing a bit more of draconic society with people. ^_^


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