May 30th 2021 Update

A bit to share this week, so I’ll get into it. I’ve been working on a story that I started all the way back in 2017 called Broken Chains, and which was up on my website as a short story for a while, as only four chapters. It isn’t anymore, because I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I’ve got about 73,000 words on it, and am approaching the end of the story, or at least the portion I’m focusing on. Honestly, I want to finish it so I can write Adept of Chaos and some other projects. The issue is that I’ve got several options of what to do with the project, from taking advantage of a new program Amazon is going to be launching this summer called Kindle Vella (episodic stories that you pay for per-chapter… I’m a little dubious, but apparently it does well in some markets), a freebie for people who sign up for my newsletter, a Patreon-only perk, or just publishing it normally. I’m not sure which I’m going with, yet.

But I did commission art for Broken Chains a long time ago, and recently ordered a new art piece. This one was illustrated by the talented Alysha Lowery, and I’ve put it up on RedBubble as well. I really like how the art turned out, and it was designed so that I could turn it into three separate covers if I wanted to.

Left to Right: Lilian, Andrea, Raela

If that wasn’t enough, I also got back a map from a cartographer I hired this past week. Cornelia Yoder ( created a map of the continent where Beesong Chronicles takes place, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I named the continent at her prompting, something I’d neglected to do, which is why it’s named Treth. The only cities named are the ones which appear during the series, but… anyway, first I’m going to share links to the versions of the maps that are available on the site, since I know it’ll shrink them for this post. I hope you find it interesting! Oh, and the locations where the story occurs are in the center of the western half of the continent.

I’ve started adding the maps to the ebooks and paperbacks of the series, so they should be updated by the end of the week as well. I have a pair of maps that were designed to be split across two pages, so that they’d fit the books well, which should help!

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