December 20th 2020 Update

As I said this last week, Queen’s Journey is finished, and now that I’ve received feedback from several of my Alpha readers I’ll be starting on my second editing pass tomorrow. I fully expect that to take much of the week, and into next week. With it at this stage, I contacted the editor I’m using, and with the schedule they have, I’ve moved the release date to February 1st, 2021. I look forward to sharing it with everyone!

In other news, the new story, Chosen of Chaos, has proven to be one of the most riveting ones I’ve written since Ancient Ruins. I’ve written almost 60,000 words on it since November 30th, when I started the story, and it’s going strong. I fully expect this one to be done relatively soon, but I’m debating what I want to do with it. I have toyed with the idea of trying to get a traditional publisher, but I’m not sure about it. I’m going to take some time and figure out what I want to do.

Now, Dusk Gate‘s audiobook has started going up on other distributors (Google Play, Chirp, Scribd, Kobo/Walmart, and as of yesterday), and Audible has started moving it to live as well, but with how long it took Hives & Heroism, that could be another month for all I know. However, the audiobook of the Mantles of Power omnibus is live, so there’s that much at least! Here’s the link:

And as a final bit of news, on Friday, Christmas Day, I’m going to be putting a short story I wrote back this summer up on the website, a follow-up to Marin’s Codex. It isn’t terribly cheery in nature, but it does describe some of what happens afterward… and appropriately, it’s named Emonael’s Vengeance.

That’s it for this week! I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and stays safe.

8 thoughts on “December 20th 2020 Update

  1. I have a question for you. Have you ever thought about making a book about a woman who is like Sistina but instead controls a neat of Giant Army ants? Just curious. 😂


  2. Nope! I mean, I did that a *little* in Ancient Dreams, but not much. I’ve also been quite firmly moving away from dungeon core stories (or at least protagonists), I’m afraid. Being locked to a location (and a dungeon) made it extremely difficult for me to come up with a plot I enjoyed.

    And if they weren’t immobile, the nature of how army ants operate would make it less interesting to me as well. I wouldn’t want to write a book about an apis queen, either.


  3. The problems with a character being immobile wasn’t one I realized until after I started on Spells of Old, to be fair. The other aspects are things I’ve picked up as an author over time. What /I/ find interesting isn’t necessarily going to be interesting to someone else, though, and some authors could write it well. It’s mostly a matter of personal preferences.


  4. Out of curiosity and support which service provides you with the best return (in terms of bottom line) or is it largely the same? I often buy the digital version when it’s released, then purchase an audio version when (if) it’s released (I’ve said why before lol)

    Happy Holidays!!! Is this your last post of the year or are you going to have one this coming Sunday?


  5. Honestly, I’m a little hazy on that myself. Having looked at them, I /think/ the best will be just about any direct sale from non-Audible channels. I’m looking at setting up a ‘direct’ storefront using either Bookfunnel or Findaway Voices (the latter handles my distribution to other stores, currently), which would require using their apps, and would give me the largest percentage, about 70% of the list price, give or take a little. Comparatively, at Audible I’m making closer to 20% even with exclusive, so it’s about to drop to about 10% on any given sale.

    Anyway, on the sites I can control the price, I intend to put it at between $10 and $15 for the audiobooks, since even at that price it’ll make me more than through Audible.

    Happy holidays to you as well! And there will definitely be the post on Sunday. I make it part of my weekly rituals, and it helps keep me honest. ^_^


  6. I was expecting that with Audible. That happens an unfortunately high number of times with companies that size and that’s why I asked.

    I shall save the rest until the next post, then. Besides anything that is comment worthy (in my opinion), I might unviel something “personal” (still not identifying and I’ll keep it vague) that sort of explains my love of /connection with/ Lilith’s Shadow 😅 (we’ll see though)


  7. That sounds fine to me! Personally, I’ve always said something simple. Buy a book/audiobook through the source that you’re happiest with. If I publish through the channel, it’s because I’ve accepted it works for me.

    I am /so/ looking forward to releasing Queen’s Journey, though. If I could release it sooner (while getting in editing), I would.


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