November 22nd 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to 90,000 words and counting. I’m not to the climax of the story yet, so who knows how long it’ll end up being? I certainly don’t! I’m really looking forward to seeing exactly how it ends, since I know approximately how it’ll go, but the details always surprise me.

In good news, the audiobook of Hives & Heroism has been approved by Audible, and they’re now distributing it to the various storefronts. It’s been in-process since Tuesday, so I’ve emailed them to see where it is in that process. I’ll put up another post as soon as it’s available!

Other good news is that I’ve put together the Mantles of Power Omnibus! Just as a word of warning, nothing has changed in the content of the books except the foreword and author’s note! It’s available for pre-order, coming out on the 30th, and is available at the following link: Affiliate Link

I’m also waiting for the final version of the cover of Queen’s Journey, and hope to have a pre-order of it up in the next week or so, depending on when it shows up. A word of warning, I intend to be excessively paranoid about when it comes out, so will likely schedule it for next March at some point, then move the release date up once I’ve nailed down a schedule with an editor.

Anyway, that’s it for this week! I hope everyone is doing well!

4 thoughts on “November 22nd 2020 Update

  1. Whoa. I’d usually already be over my climax at 60,000 words and end up having to pad things up way more. And I do sci-fi/fantasy too. Wishing you all the best with the WIP!


  2. Thank you for the well-wishes! As for my writing, I’ve often said I’m long-winded, though not as much as some of the authors that I read (David Weber, for one). In this case, things have ended up taking longer than I anticipated in-story, but I have no idea how long the rest will take. Good luck as well!


  3. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more of Lilith and Co. Long winded with a purpose is fine – you’re thankfully not in the Golden Age when stories needed to be padded so writers wouldn’t starve. One of my beefs with Weber is the regurgitation of episodes the audience already knows about – I am not very interested in reading the same scene in three different books, unless the author actually brings in fresh information with it.

    In any event, hope you have an excellent holiday, and don’t get too carried away on indulging. Blessings to you and yours.


  4. For me, I often find myself torn. Skipping the explanation of something that happen can sometimes make it so you don’t understand how the character views it, or seeing an aspect of their personality. Just look at how Joy explains things in Hives & Heroism, for instance. That said, you have a point about overdoing this, so for me, I have to be careful about balancing things.

    As for the holiday, I intend to! We’ll see if I write or not, I haven’t fully decided, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to just be me and my wife, so not too difficult. I hope yours is great as well!


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