October 25th 2020 Update

Dusk Gate comes out tomorrow, which has me very excited! I hope that everyone enjoys Xandra as much as I do, even if I wonder where she came from in my imagination. You can find the links to the Amazon page for it and the paperback below.

In other news, I also spent two days this past week dealing with some backlogged tasks I kept putting off, including putting out a call for auditions for Dusk Gate‘s audiobook. I got far more submissions for the project than I ever expected, and I hated having to choose only one of the ladies who applied, but I did so (and found a couple of narrators who might be suited for other projects). Based on the contract we’ve signed, recording should be done around mid-November, which should get the audiobook out in early December, assuming Audible doesn’t get slammed. Also, just to update, I’m waiting on them to approve the audiobook of Hives & Heroism, and it’s halfway through their expected approval time (approximately 6 weeks).

Alas, getting all of that done has put me behind where I hoped to be on Queen’s Journey. I have the book up to 41,000 words, so it’s coming along nicely, but I don’t have a release date pinned down yet. That’ll have to wait until I’m sure how long the book will be, and have a date with an editor nailed down. I’m liking how it’s shaping up, though!

I hope those of you who read Dusk Gate enjoy it, and if you’d leave a review, I’d very much appreciate it! Things like that help me figure out what to focus on.

6 thoughts on “October 25th 2020 Update

  1. Release times being what they are, I’ll likely be reading it tonight after 9 PM PDT. I’ll come and snivel if I don’t like it . (Honestly though, you haven’t published anything I haven’t enjoyed.)


  2. I’m one of those people who has that constant, low-level anxiety that this time I’m going to utterly flub it. Imposter Syndrome sucks.

    But I do hope you enjoy it! Xandra is an odd duck.


  3. Thank you for the compliment! I wish I could agree, as I know authors with large fanbases, but I’ll agree that I have a modest one. I shall continue to fret, though. It’s what I do. ^_^


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