March 8th 2020 Update

I’m not feeling well as I write this, so I’m going to keep it brief. Queen of Diamonds is up to about 63,000 words, and I think it’s going into the final third at this point… but I’ll see what happens when I get there. For all I know, it could get far longer than I expected.

I’ve also approved Webs & Wards for publication on Audible, but I’m afraid it’s going to take longer than normal to go up. Apparently, Audible has a huge backlog due to the holiday season, and they’re currently saying it could take up to six weeks for audiobooks to be approved and published. I wish I could get it out sooner, but there’s little I can do about it.

That’s really it for now, though, so… I hope everyone has a great week! If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them!

4 thoughts on “March 8th 2020 Update

  1. Six weeks for Audible to simply approve and publish? That sounds very long for something I’d expect to take very little manual processing, but maybe it’s more involved than I first thought. I guess they do need to insert that creepy-sounding and badly recorded: “Audible hopes you have enjoyed this product” message at the end of the book!

    Ah well, as you said: nothing to be done about it. I admit I’m going to be on “catch-up” mode for quite a while on audiobooks, so I can certainly wait that long personally. Still, a big thank you for publishing it: for my tastes, your audiobooks are quite simply the best on the market, so I appreciate them a ton!

    Hope you’ll feel better soon!


  2. I had a rather nasty headache when I was writing that, one which didn’t want to die.

    As to Audible, normally it takes them 10-14 business days, or 2-3 weeks, to get an audiobook live. I think part of that is setting them up to go up on iTunes, but I know they also review the audio to ensure that there aren’t obvious flaws in the sound level or things like that. Right now, they’re estimating 30 business days, or about 6 weeks. Another author said they were told that Audible got 5 times as many audiobook submissions in December as they normally get in a month, and are trying to clear out the backlog. I don’t know if that’s true for sure, but… that’s how it goes, some days.


  3. Out of curiosity, what is the (rough) ETA of Queen’s Move on audible and/or Queen of Diamonds. I go through phases of reading and listening, so I still have quite a backlog of books waiting to be read/heard. However, I do admit my favorite two stories are Lilith’s Shadow and Through the Fire!

    Before Queen’s Move was announced, my friend may have gotten tired of hearing me talk about the future of the universe. I Loved Queen’s Move and can’t wait until book 4!
    If you don’t mind me asking, what would Lilith think of trans people? If I recall correctly, a character in Marin’s Codex was a trans masculine person (and I may or may not be a trans feminine person).

    Thank you for any reply and HOPE you feel better soon!


  4. Those are somewhat delayed due to Sarah Goer’s schedule. Her schedule through May got completely filled by the middle of last year (which startled me), which is a good part of why Hell’s Ascendant was delayed as long as it was. I discussed things with her, and I have two slots back-to-back for Queen’s Move and Queen of Diamonds starting in June after she takes a vacation. Each recording will take 3-4 weeks, on average, so I’d guess that the first will be out in late July to early August… might be later, if Audible continues to have the current slow-downs. The second should be right on the heels of the first, though.

    Lilith would be a little confused by the idea of a transsexual, purely because it isn’t something she’s really thought about. However, she wouldn’t have an issue with them in any way. If anything, she’d be a little curious… but she knows, due to how her own brain was artificially wired by Shadowmind, that things like that would be possible.

    As for in Marin’s Codex, you’re correct! Umara was transsexual, and became a fey named Umar. He and Sistina Constella had something of a relationship, but not one that lasted due to how he was tied to the Eternal Wood. I’ve known several trans people over the years, and when magic is involved… I don’t see any reason people who identify as a different gender wouldn’t use it to change themselves.

    To be honest, the one type of relationship I’ve noticed a distinct absence of is of two men in my series. I mentioned a gay incubus in Mortal Gods, but nothing more. We’ll see if one works its way into my books naturally or not… I try not to force relationships. Though obviously, since I’m attracted to women that makes those a little less common.

    As for me, I’m feeling much better, thanks! I wasn’t in the mood to write today, probably due to the schedule shock of Daylight Savings Time, but I’m hoping to start off tomorrow with a bang!


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