February 9th 2020 Update

First off, Queen of Diamonds is now up to ~25,000 words, which I consider about a quarter of the way done! That makes me happy, and I’m hoping that I’ll keep being able to keep up my productivity over the last week. All that said, I’m trying to be cautious about making commitments that I might not be able to meet, so not promises on when I’ll finish.

Incidentally, Audible just approved the audiobook of Crisis of Faith on the back end yesterday, so as soon as they have it set up for the different storefronts, it’ll be out! It’s a lot later than I’d hoped, but that’s unfortunately how things work out sometimes. I have the audio of Webs & Wards scheduled, so recording should finish late February or early March.

I’m also still working on Hives & Heroism at a significantly lower rate than the last couple of books, mostly due to my recent slower schedule. I keep reminding myself to slow down and relax, as my goal is 3 books a year, not 6 or more. I’ve averaged 5/year since I started publishing, but the last thing I want to do is burn out. I’m trying to pace myself.

One of the other things I started doing just a couple of days ago was working on setting up a world bible for Stars & Shadows (the universe of Lilith’s Shadow, to be clear), as I realized that my usual method of keeping track of details was starting to get unwieldy. I’m using a site called World Anvil, which functions a lot like a wiki page and with more automation to it. I should specify, it’s currently set to private, so don’t bother going looking for it! I’m still working out whether it’s something I want to use for each of my universes or not. It might be pretty useful, but putting an existing world into it is time consuming.

Come to think of it, is that something people would want to see? The worlds and characters set up so you could look through them. It wouldn’t have the major secrets of the world (it has ‘secrets’ options so I can hide them.) Just something I’m toying with, at the moment.

Anyway, I’m also poking at several ideas on what I want to do between arcs of Lilith’s Shadow, and I’m wavering back and forth between Second Contact, which I really need to put up on the site, and re-writing Sisters of Radiance. Both are rather appealing to me, but… Second Contact is a better stand-alone story which can be continued, so I’m leaning toward that.

I hope you all have a good week!

4 thoughts on “February 9th 2020 Update

  1. I’d be interested in being able to read more information about the worlds and characters personally, in case that counts for anything!

    Anyway, Sisters of Radiance was an interesting read in my opinion: I wouldn’t say no to reading an expanded version of it! I can’t comment on Second Contact, obviously.


  2. Of course your opinion counts for something! I may have underestimated the number of characters I’d be putting into Stars & Shadows alone. I have 105 entries so far, and I know I haven’t put in all of the characters or organizations yet… or fully put in details for the characters. Most of the entries are just the character name, thus far. Still, I’m making progress!

    As for Sisters of Radiance, just to be clear, I was at about 60,000 words when I stalled out on the original version, or about 3/4 the length of Sting & Song. Unfortunately, looking back at it, some of the core premises make me… uncomfortable, so I want to change a few things. That’ll require starting over from the beginning, which is why I say a re-write.

    As for Second Contact, I’ll try to put it up in the next few weeks. However, my super-condensed description I like giving people? Angel in power armor, with a plasma minigun.


  3. I commissioned an art piece for Second Contact as a Christmas present to myself… I’m expecting it in the next week or so. I’ll probably put up Second Contact with the picture!


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