Hell’s Ascendant Audio Released!

At long last the audio of Hell’s Ascendant is live! I’m going to link a few of the stores below, and I want to thank everyone for their patience! Hopefully we’ll also have Crisis of Faith soon, but we shall see! I should add, I don’t have an iTunes link yet, or I’d put that below as well!

6 thoughts on “Hell’s Ascendant Audio Released!

  1. Um, could I maybe have some of your help figuring out of to make my Dungeon Core come to be I control of an Army And nest? I cannot figure out how to do so.


  2. Autocorrect made parsing your comment a bit difficult, but I’m guessing you’re wondering how a dungeon core could control army ants. If so, the easiest solution is to have the ant nest wherever the dungeon core formed. As long as the core isn’t something they’d think of as a threat, they’d probably ignore it.


  3. 😮 I hate you right now, that was so simple why didn’t I think of that!? 😂 Not really on the hate comment. And I apologize for Autocorrect I didn’t see that when I wrote it honestly, I was kinda rushing.😂


  4. Honestly, I try to avoid writing on my phone as much as possible to avoid it. That said, I kept having Word ‘correct’ a word I was writing in Queen’s Move. It turned ‘thready’ (as in thready voice) into ‘thread’, which was annoying.


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