January 5th 2020 Update

I’ve gotten the final pieces of feedback on Queen’s Move from my alpha readers, so this week I’m going to be diving into editing the book. I expect that to take me pretty much the entire week, and once I’m satisfied I intend to send it to my editor… who unfortunately won’t be able to get to it until the beginning of February, but that’s my luck. Just as well, as I’m still waiting on cover art for the book.

Webs & Wards came back from the editor, and it’s been uploaded and prepared for its release on the 13th as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of it, as it went through a few significant changes over the course of editing it.

I’ve also been experimenting with several short stories lately, trying to figure out what my muse is most focused on, but I don’t have anything in specific yet, though I’m definitely going to work on Hives & Heroism, as well as the next book of Lilith’s Shadow. Still, not a whole lot else to say just now. I hope everyone has a good week!

12 thoughts on “January 5th 2020 Update

  1. A short story you could do is one about that Snake woman from the Kitania series… I for the life of me cannot remember her name.😣


  2. Ugh it did it again, but sending another message after I signed out and signed back in helped. So I say Hi!😂


  3. Oh! I remembered her name! Bell! Yeah I have a question for you about her, was she like the normal naga? Snake head body of a human arms of a human, and tail of a snake?


  4. I was about to say Bell, from Bell’s Imaginarium, so yup, that’s her!

    Bell is a serpentfolk, and when I created them, I based them off the style I’ve seen called naga in some games, or lamias in others. That is, human torso and upper body, with a snake body from the waist down. Essentially think of the snake version of centaur.


  5. Yeah, Bell was fun to write about. Enthusiastic and friendly, which is why she started the business she did. I can see why you think she’s like Joy in some ways, even if the reasons for their attitudes are different.


  6. Yeah. I gotta admit I love the humanoid races, and I get shit for it too. I am called a furry by some and my simple response to make them stop. Werewolves.😂 what are if not a furry cause you like werewolves? And I am sorry, but humans are so boring.


  7. Not really? I just didn’t know what to say in response to it. I mean… I rarely write humans (except in Lilith’s Shadow, where it’s expected), so I somewhat agree with the ‘humans are boring’ part.


  8. Yeah, but to be fair it is hard to write a well rounded Humanoid character such as Gnolls or Kobolds to name a few.


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