October 13th Update

This past week I didn’t get much done, primarily because I went on a vacation with my wife, who decided that Disneyland was in order. I rather thoroughly exhausted myself on the trip, and didn’t quite manage to finish reviewing Down with the Queen, which I hope to manage today or tomorrow, so I can get to work on Queen’s Move.

Additionally, the trip also gave me some interesting ideas for stories, though I’m shelving them for the time being. I have quite enough ideas as it is, which makes it hard to decide which to work on at times. That’s why I often am not sure what I’m working on next until I get to it, as I have to figure out what my muse is in the mood for and the timeline.

Either way, I’m confident I’ll be getting into Queen’s Move this week, and working more on Webs & Wards as well. Ah, and if that wasn’t quite enough news? Sting & Song is currently in the middle of audio recording, so I’m hoping to get that released shortly after Crisis of Faith! Or maybe even before, if things go exceptionally well.

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