April 7th 2019 Update

So, Mortal Gods is with the Alpha readers at the moment, and a few mistakes have already been spotted and corrected. The story ended up at 127,000 words, which makes it the longest single book I’ve written short of Halls of Power, somewhat to my shock. However, that doesn’t mean my work is done, hardly that.

I’m going to give Crisis of Faith another try on Monday and Tuesday, and we’ll see if inspiration is with me. If it isn’t, I’m diving straight into the final book of the Mantles of Power trilogy, since I may have been overly ambitious on the editing timeline for my next book after Mortal Gods. I’m definitely going to finish it this year, but no promises on Crisis of Faith.

At this point I’m planning to write Queen’s Move after figuring out whether Tyria and Company are planning to let me write about them. Queen’s Move is the next story in the Lilith’s Shadow series, and will hopefully be mostly standalone from the other books, though plenty of characters will transition between the books, or at least be mentioned. I’m not even going to guess how quickly it’ll be out, honestly, but I’m hoping for this year. Looking at my schedule, though, that may be too much to ask.

I’m also doing some extremely limited writing on another story, one that I shared a teaser of on my Patreon, and depending on the choices of my Patrons there, I may be sharing draft chapters of the story with them as I work my way through it. It’s something of a GameLit story, not a full LitRPG (though it has some elements of such), and I enjoy the slightly different approach. It’s not something that’ll be published any time soon, I should say, and isn’t interfering with primary projects.

Anyway, I’m excited that Heaven’s Fallen comes out next week, and the pre-order of Mortal Gods should be up Wednesday or so as well! I hope you all have a great week!

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