March 31st 2019 Update, Audiobook!

I finished the rough draft of Mortal Gods and began the first edit, which is primarily for continuity, but also to flesh out some aspects of the story. It finished at just over 119,000 words, but has now reached 125,000. The story is coming along well, and I’ve very much enjoying writing it.

In other news, the audiobook of The Obsidian Palace came out this past week! I’ll put the links below, but I’m very happy that the audiobooks are out at last! Hopefully Heaven’s Fallen will be out a bit more quickly, but I can’t make any promises there. I really wish Audible would let me set an actual release date, but that seems to be reserved for the big publishers.

All that said, this upcoming month is going to be busy! Heaven’s Fallen comes out on the 15th (though Amazon has been sending out some wrong files for pre-orders lately, be warned. I’ve contacted them to try to ensure it doesn’t happen to Heaven’s Fallen.) I’m also supposed to get back the art for Mortal Gods before Heaven’s Fallen is out, and I’m also going to be getting art for Lily, funded by my Patrons. I’ve also shared some teasers of stories I’d like to write on my Patreon, though all of them are short. Hopefully I’ll get going full-bore on Crisis of Faith this month, but if I don’t, I’m going to focus on the last book of the Mantles of Power trilogy. I’d share the name, but I’m still debating on the precise spelling.

I hope everyone has a great week, though!

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