March 17th 2019 Update

Hello everyone! As mentioned on Friday, I was out of town at a convention this past week. Due to this, I’ve made no further progress on Mortal Gods, and I may not make much more progress this coming week. The reason for this is because I need to do a final editing pass on Heaven’s Fallen before it goes to the editor this week. Once that’s done, I’m going to try to finish Mortal Gods.

Now, some of you may be wondering where that leaves Crisis of Faith. My plan was to give it another try after I’ve gone through the first editing pass of Mortal Gods and thrown it over to the alpha readers, but I can’t make any promises on it. I got some very sincere, serious advice from other authors over the past week where they said that forcing yourself to write something can lead to burnout, and I very much don’t want to run into that.

On the other hand, I finally have gotten the books of Ancient Dreams set up as hardcovers on Barnes & Noble, so they’re available! It’s a lot more difficult to prepare them than on Amazon, and I gave up in frustration several times, but I finally have managed it. Links to the books are below!

In other news, the poll I had on my Patreon for a portrait closed, and I’m going to be commissioning a piece of Lily from Ancient Ruins, assuming that I can get an artist in a good timeframe. I’m also looking at revamping my website in the near future, or moving to another host so I can customize things a little more. I have all this art, I’d like to do something with it.

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