December 23rd 2018 Update

I finished editing The Obsidian Palace this past week and sent it off to the editor. He’s busy (or on vacation) until January, so the book isn’t coming out early, alas. It should be out before the audiobook of Queen of Ice, as a matter of fact. Oh, and yes, Queen of Ice should be out by sometime in February, but dates can always slip. Hopefully it’ll be sooner than later! I have started re-reading the Ancient Dreams saga for Crisis of Faith, so that’s progress there.

This week is Christmas, so I wish all of you who celebrate it well! For everyone else, I hope you have a great time. I’m going to be releasing a short story tomorrow morning (the 24th), another story in the vein of A Date Gone Awry, revisiting Chris and Janice. It’s rather short, even compared to most of my other stories, closer to a single chapter of one of my books or less. I just want to give fair warning, so you don’t think it’s big.

Finally, I received an art piece from June Jenssen the other day. This piece was a difficult one, and she spent more time on it than I think she did on any piece save the Jewels, which impresses me greatly. Alas, this character’s story is currently not really on my schedule, though I hope to get to it eventually. I present Solace, a succubus who was altered to become more angelic, and ran away afterward.

Solace Web

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