Happy Halloween & Lilith’s Shadow

Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate such! I hope your day goes well and that you have an enjoyable holiday!

In addition to that, I have a somewhat belated announcement to make. I intended to have this up several days ago, but I put up a short story set after the end of Down with the Queen, which involves Blooming Orchid and a few other details. The Lilith’s Shadow Interlude 1 isn’t full of action, and most of the details aren’t incredibly exciting, but I feel that it’s something that needed to be addressed before I move on to the next book in the series. I’ve shared this with those who get my newsletter over the past couple of months, but now I’m sharing it with everyone else.

Let me quickly state that this isn’t an announcement of me going back to Lilith’s Shadow after I write Crisis of Faith. Odds are good that I will, but I haven’t decided for certain yet.

I hope that if you read it, you enjoy it! Now I’ll go back to writing. These books don’t write themselves! Mostly.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween & Lilith’s Shadow

  1. I think you were right to not add it to one of the books. It’s to long to be a single chapter, or even two; and is to short to be a complete Arc.


  2. Yeah, that’s pretty much why I decided not to. If I put it at the end, it’d be weird. If I put it at the beginning of the next one, too slow. I mostly wanted things addressed for the next book.


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