October 21st 2018 Update

I started writing The Obsidian Palace this past week, and it’s got ~6,000 words. Not a ton, but I was trying to start slow and build up to things. I’m looking forward to getting moving on it, and am also nervous about things that’re going to happen in it. One thing I’m also concerned about is that some of the characters may not have seemed like they were in significant peril at points, and that’s something I’ll have to fix.

Anyway! Queen of Ice is scheduled for November 12th, and I’m tentatively scheduling The Obsidian Palace for a mid-January release. I won’t know until I’m closer, but hopefully things will get moving shortly.

In other news, I’m told that the audiobook of The Avatar’s Flames is coming along well, and it might come out in November. No promises, as I was told things can always go wrong, so not to announce it until it’s actually out.

I’ve been working on some other ideas for the future, and after I write Crisis of Faith, I think I’ll be going back to Lilith’s Shadow for a few books, which I think I’ll enjoy. Anyway, some vague plans, and me being impatient to get Queen of Ice out. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall! Those of you who’re in the northern hemisphere, anyway!

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