June 17th 2018 Update

The Avatar’s Flames is up to just over 65,000 words, and I’m guessing it’ll take at least two more weeks to finish, possibly more, which would give around 90,000 words in length, at a guess. The first book is turning out a little more complicated than I anticipated, and I’ll warn that I’m not sure book 2 will be as long. Either way, it’s coming along well! Ruethwyn is a different character than either Lilith or Sistina, which is somewhat refreshing.

I went through a bunch of potential covers for The Avatar’s Flames as well, and I’ve tentatively settled on the one below. I tried a few new things with the text, which turned out better than I hoped.

TAF Cover LR v2

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit tired and flagging of late. Summer heat has hit, along with a dental visit that isn’t the most pleasant, a host of family get-togethers, and the aftermath of my trip. As I’m something of an introvert (which I do my best to work past), this makes it harder for me to get to work some days. It’s these Sunday updates that I make that keep me going at times, as I really don’t want to disappoint people with lack of progress.

I’ve got more art incoming for the Through the Fire trilogy, this time of a primary antagonist, Essryl, which could end up the cover of the third book, but I’m not certain yet. I’m looking forward to seeing it, and sharing it. I hope everyone has a great week!

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