April 22nd Update

I’m currently slightly less than two-thirds of the way through re-editing Ancient Dreams, and am hopeful about hitting a few self-imposed deadlines regarding it. There isn’t a huge amount to say about it at the moment… most of the things I’ve been working on has been clearing up wordings and the like. I suspect most of the additional content will be centered in Spells of Old, as I’m just getting to the winter. We’ll see, though.

I’ve also been working on a short story sequel to A Date Gone Awry, and my primary Alpha reader swears up and down that I’m giving foreshadowing of bad things to come, even if I didn’t intend it that way. I hope Chris and Janice get a proper date in, but we’ll see. As a villain or hero, things almost never go according to plan.

That’s it for today, though. Light update, I know, but I don’t know what else to say.

2 thoughts on “April 22nd Update

  1. Just finished Ancient Ruins. My business partner and I have been voraciously reading dungeon based and some litRPG books. We are in the process of building a RPG and boardgame and are contacting authors with worlds that would work with our concepts. Yours is very close to what we are doing.

    Would you be interested in being mentioned in our book? Have you ever pursued publishing your world as a RPG setting?


  2. Hello, Daniel,

    A lot depends on particulars, as far as I’m concerned. As for publishing my setting as an RPG world, that’s a daunting undertaking for anyone, particularly with my personal publishing schedule. Not that I haven’t dreamed of it from time to time, mind you!

    If you want to discuss this further, feel free to email me. My email is on the Contact page, so it’s easy to do. I generally get back to all emails within a day, and often far less.


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