Mid-Week Madness

Is it only Wednesday? Yeesh. So, today I anticipate reaching about the halfway point through the Ancient Dreams document. It’s enormous, but I’m just getting to the points I think need the most expansions on, so I suspect I’ll be slowing down when I hit them. My days have been further complicated by contractors, heating problems, random snowstorms, and a cat nibbling on my ankles when he thinks I’m ignoring him.

I’ve also been brainstorming heavily for Through the Fire, and I keep having to tell myself it needs to wait until I’m done with the edit of Ancient Dreams. I’m deeply enjoying the changes that my wife and I have come up with, and look forward to sharing Ruethwyn’s adventures with everyone.

Beyond that, I believe it’s time for Chris and Janice of A Date Gone Awry to have another date. I’m planning to do a short, mostly slice of life story over the next few days, which I think will be enjoyable for me. It’ll explore some of the oddities of the Stars & Shadows setting, assuming I don’t hit a mental roadblock in the middle of it. We’ll see.

Anyway! I’m pretty busy lately and haven’t had as much energy as normal. I’m looking forward to my vacation at PaizoCon in May.

7 thoughts on “Mid-Week Madness

  1. A distinct possibility, though I’d have to mull some things over on what it’d be about. I’m long-winded, and it’s hard to come up with stories that won’t explode into full novels. ^_^


  2. A good idea is to do a short story when you start a new universe, that way you can introduce it and better understand it yourself.


  3. Have you considered a short of the meeting between the Medea and Tyria priestesses? I admit, I’m curious how that meeting goes, especially with the Goddess looking on.


  4. That would be so damned awesome, a series of dates / weddings / doungen diving shorts or novellas that would give us a peak on how things are going after halls of power would definitely kick ass, unfortunately you’ve done too good a job on creating your universe if you start I can see it exploding into a huge amount of work easily :P


  5. We’ll see what I may or may not do. Alas, I don’t dare distract myself too much from the major books… and I have to have the proper inspiration for it as well.


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