March 25th, 2018 Update

This week Down with the Queen comes out! The release date is Friday the 30th, and unlike last time, I’ve also made certain it’s scheduled to come out in Kindle Unlimited. Pardon me while I glower at Marin’s Codex over that.

Things are stabilizing at home, and I’m going to try to get back into the groove of writing this week. I wish I could say that I was back to normal, but my life is in a bit of an upheaval for the time being, which isn’t making me happy. I’m a creature of habit, and I don’t like things upending my routines. Still, I’m going to try to get out a few short stories and get the Ancient Dreams omnibus going as well.

Speaking of Ancient Dreams, June Jenssen finished a piece for me last Thursday, shortly after the Marin’s Codex audiobook went live. I’m putting the artwork at the end of this post as well. June particularly seems to like painting elves, so I’m fortunate there. She’s started on another piece as well, but I’m going to leave at that for the moment.


I’m looking forward to getting this properly framed on my wall.

4 thoughts on “March 25th, 2018 Update

  1. Same here. I just wish that my worries would take a hint from the ARC readers and believe that the book is decent, rather than worrying that it isn’t very good. I think I’ll relax a little once it’s released. ^_^


  2. Amethyst Sapphire and emerald look as though they have more childish Personalities in my eyes in this picture.


  3. Very slight Spoilers ahead, for those who care.

    This is supposed to be after the end of Halls of Power, just after the wedding. I don’t see the part about Sapphire, but as to the other two… Amethyst calmed down from the first sketch, when I thought she was channeling her inner Harley Quinn (remember how enthusiastic about everything she was). As for Emerald, she’s always been the most timid of the group, so it’s everything Sapphire can do to keep her from hiding behind her.


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