New Versions

By this point the new version of Born a Queen seems to be live pretty much everywhere that I can see. The audiobook will take some time, but it’s the nature of the business, alas.

That being said, I realized that some of you are going to be stuck with older versions of the files or art. Unless I make fairly massive changes to a book, it doesn’t ‘push’ the new versions out to the readers who already purchased it, to my knowledge, and even deleting and re-downloading the book won’t necessarily update it. Since this is the case, I thought I’d let everyone know how to get the new version of any of my books.

First, let me point out that the vast majority of changes to my books at this point have been relatively minor typos and the like so far. It won’t make a huge difference to most of you, and I don’t want to mislead you.

There are two ways I know of to get your book file updated.

First, you can call their customer service number and go to Digital Services option. The book title should be in your purchases, so ask them to ‘push’ the new, updated file to your device. It should show up automatically. Unfortunately, the number I’m finding doesn’t appear to be toll-free, so I’m not giving it. I don’t want to accidentally get some of you billed for this!

You can also fill out an online form at the following link:

On the linked page, select Digital Content and Services, then Kindle eBooks, and at that point you’ll probably want to select your device and say the issue is ‘something else’. You should be able to chat with a customer service representative, and you can ask them to ‘push’ the new file of the book you want to your device.

I hope this helps not just with my books, but with those of other authors!

2 thoughts on “New Versions

  1. I dont see any update for Born a Queen there, but you can update your ebooks on amazon if you follow this steps:
    Go to: “Your Account” and THEN go to “Content and Devices” (its in “Digital content and devices”)
    You get a list of all ebooks you buyed and see all available updates


  2. I did update the file, but the changes were very minor. 6 of them in total, like correcting exactly where Warden’s home was, and an extra word here and there. I believe they only show that there are updates if it crosses a certain threshold of changes, but I can’t be certain.


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