December 17th Update

This past week I finished the first revision of Marin’s Codex, and it has been sent to my handful of Alpha Readers for their reviews and to get feedback on what needs to be changed. I expect to get feedback by Thursday, at which point I’ll start on the second draft. However, next week I’ll be out of town, so my Sunday update will be written by Friday, just so everyone knows!

In further news, I received the audio files for Born a Queen this past week, and set things up for them to be sent to Audible, so all we’re waiting on is them to be approved. If everything goes amazingly, they could be up before Christmas, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. The audiobook should be live this year, but there’s no way to be certain.

I’ve also set up the pre-order for Marin’s Codex, now that I have a proper cover for it, and I’m going to have the cover, description, and a link to the book below this. I should note that I’ve set the pre-order for Monday, January 22nd, and I don’t expect this to change at this point.

Marin's Codex Cover LR

This is a prequel to the Ancient Dreams trilogy, but is best read after the other volumes.

Some mysteries are shrouded by both time and wars long since past. One of these mysteries revolves around the discovery of the true nature of magic, and the High Mage who ushered in a new era of understanding. Her name was Marin, and her life’s work was consumed in the writing of her research.

This is Marin’s story, and that of her only student, Emonael, as they completed her research. They faced many trials together, and grew to respect one another as few have ever understood, even as others sought to silence the threat she posed to their power.

This volume also contains a novella, Into the Eternal Wood, a story about Sistina Constella of the Kingdom of Everium.

Marin’s Codex Pre-order on

2 thoughts on “December 17th Update

  1. Marin is the redhead on the right, while Emonael is on the left. While not a direct scene from the book, it’s not much different from what they did at various points in the background.


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