The Extended Ending

Remember how I said I was going to extend the ending of Halls of Power? Well, I did.

If you’re one of those who really wanted to read it, you can Read it Here.

When I do the Ancient Dreams Omnibus, this will be part of what I put into it, but that’s quite a ways down the road for me. I have a great many stories to write, and there are things that will need fixing in all three books before they can be put into an omnibus. Still, it’s something that’s definitely on my list of ‘things to do.’

Hopefully it’s satisfying for the moment, at the least!

2 thoughts on “The Extended Ending

  1. The only real comment I have on the extended ending is the section with Emonael feels unstructured. The way you’ve added pieces before Sistina’s opening remark puts it out of context – it feels like the conversation is forced. The rest flows nicely with the story.


  2. Im glad. This cleared up the 2 concerns that nothered me originally. Phynisis heir and the spell that changed sistinas fate. Thanks


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