Halls of Power Teaser!

Focused on editing, so don’t have time for more RPG Misadventures! Instead, I give you a link to the draft of the prologue of Halls of Power! I hope you enjoy it!

Edit: Link fixed. Teaches me to try to link to a page going live at the same time as a blog post. *grumbles*

4 thoughts on “Halls of Power Teaser!

  1. I’m always of the opinion that first reactions are the most honest ones. So when I read that yesterday my first thought was “that’s short.” Which seemed a bit inane. So I decided I’d read it today again (since it’s short, no problem) and see what I’d think this time around.

    Well, it’s still “that really is quite short”. Heh.


  2. Yep, the Prologue is very short, despite the book as a whole being 14% longer than Ancient Ruins. The first few chapters are on the shorter side as things get rolling, and I’ll be sending them out to my mailing list in the next few weeks.


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