An Update

Yes, I know it’s not Sunday. I also know that I just put out a book last Saturday. However, I find myself unable to not talk. I may be slightly anxious as a whole… anyway!

Short Story/Novella (just did research, it’s on the cusp of being a Novella) about Sistina Constella has been titled Into the Eternal Wood. A bit of a mouthful, but I’m not putting it on the cover of a book. I’ve currently got a bit over 14,000 words to the story, in seven chapters, and I think I’ll have 2-3 more chapters to go. I might manage to have it finished by Sunday.

Also, I decided to commission artwork for the background of the site (eventually), to frame on the wall, and to one day be on the cover of my anthology Before the Godsrage. I got the sketch earlier this week, and should have it done later today. Personally I love it, so I’m excited to share. In any case, shutting up again. I may be a touch overly excitable at the moment. I blame sugar and caffeine.

11 thoughts on “An Update

  1. So I was looking at my computers ever changing background as I took a break from reading your second book I had just gotten to the part about the new look for the mountain and the background on my computer was a mountain a lot like you discribed I wanted to show it to you but I didn’t know how but it just looked perfect for what you described not exactly like it but very close.


  2. I’d have to see it to be sure, but I know I’ve been influenced by a lot of the fantasy art you largely see from Eastern artists. A lot of them are really neat, and I draw inspiration from all over… the biggest problem, sometimes, is figuring out where the inspiration came from.


  3. I may try to put it up on my deviantART page unless I can find the original artist and link to them


  4. Totally agreed. Some of mine… *sighs* I find that it’s hard sometimes. Use Google’s reverse image search? That helped me a lot. I used to not put the artist names in the files I saved, and that helps me find them.


  5. While an interesting picture, not quite. Here’s the closest I could find to what I had in mind in a quick search, but it’s too steep, and doesn’t have enough buildings:


  6. OK last one and I’ll stop bothering you (i just got off work and am a little bored sorry) if it works last one didn’t.


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