Audiobook & Side Project

While I consider my blog post yesterday cute, it wasn’t terribly informative to others, so I thought I’d give a more substantial update today.

This morning I finished listening to the audiobook recording of Ancient Ruins. As always in a work of that length, there were some errors. I listed them and sent them off to the producer, and hopefully they’ll be fixed in short order. I will state that there were more errors in my writing than they made in the recording, so there’s that. Definitely going to listen to the next story with text-to-speech the next time around.

I’m not quite in the right mental space to write Halls of Power with the release of Spells of Old bearing down on me, so I decided to work on a short story/novella. This will be regarding the original Sistina Constella, as she meanders about with Avendrial in her pendant. If you consider that a spoiler, considering it’s in the prologue of Ancient Ruins, I don’t know what to say. Anyway, the story isn’t going to have much conflict to it. Sistina lived a mostly peaceful life, so this is partially just a worldbuilding and relaxing story. I’ll probably send out the chapters over a couple of months to my mailing list once I’m done, and when I have my second short story for Marin done (no you don’t know who she is, unless you were on my ARC team), I’ll probably bundle them together and publish them as a set. Maybe add a third… I don’t know.

All that being said, I’m both ecstatic and afraid of the release of Spells of Old on Saturday. This is so much different than with Ancient Ruins because people have actually read my books before. Then, I at least had the protection of anonymity. I hope people enjoy it, though.

14 thoughts on “Audiobook & Side Project

  1. Don’t worry. It’ll probably be just as amazing. I know about a dozen times today, even knowing it won’t happen, I’ve refreshed the amazon page for it hoping that it might say ‘read now’.


  2. Literally, there’s nothing I can do about the ‘read now’ issue. I’m probably going to be offline all day on Saturday just to try and manage my own anxiety. It helps that a friend is coming over. >_>


  3. Well, one would presume that said Japanese fan bought Spells because they liked Ruins?

    That aside… oooooooh, Marin story! Awesome!


  4. Might just be that they buy ebooks in the Japanese store because they’re cheaper there, who can tell with people …


  5. Possible. I know one person who lived in Japan for a while, and she said some of them like buying books in English, so who knows? *shrugs* I choose not to worry about it. ^_^


  6. So. I had an hour and a half at work when the book came out where I live. Add in thirty minutes travel, and it became my own personal two hours of hell.

    Worth it. Goddess, was the book worth it.


  7. I’m inordinately amused by the fact that I ended up reading through the novel before it was even out in the US.

    Quite enjoyed it. Very slice-of-life-ish. Not that I don’t have some complaints, but let’s not spoil the fun for everyone else ^^;


  8. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, Vivienne!

    Really, there isn’t much more I can say. I’m mostly going to hunkering down and avoiding the internet for much of the day.


  9. I don’t blame you for being amused! And I’m not surprised that you have some complaints. *points at the 3-star review on Amazon* Totally legitimate. I even commented on it, and I wish that I had a better answer. Sometimes I’m frustrated at how immobile/powerful Sistina is. *sighs*

    Everything goes up in smoke in Halls of Power, though. *grins* Not literally, but… it’ll be interesting.


  10. Became A fan in March when I bought a read Ancient Ruins.
    Was surprised to see a sequel for preorder
    Was surprised when the book shows up in my book collection (forgot which day it was set to come out, or it came early, I’m not sure which).
    Was surprised when I put down the book and realized it is 4oclock and I’m done.

    Can’t wait for the novella and thank you for a great read.


  11. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    For what it’s worth, the original listed release date was June 15th. I wanted to put it up for pre-order, but I wasn’t certain exactly when it would be done, so I put it 90 days out (maximum possible on Amazon). As soon as I had a solid date, I changed it. I hope to have Halls of Power done by October. Just so you know!


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