Spells of Old: Point of No Return

So, one of the oddities of setting up a Pre-Order is that 4 days beforehand, you have to have all your files ready and up to date. At that time, the files lock, and even if you know there are errors, you can’t fix them. Last night I passed that point. I’ve fretted a little over it, but by and large I’m sanguine about how Spells of Old turned out. Oh, it isn’t perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than Ancient Ruins was when the vast majority of my audience read it.

On the other hand, I underestimated how much work listening to Ancient Ruins would be. I have to listen to it, while following along the text looking for errors. It’s a lot of work, and I’m trying to get through the book as quickly as I can, but it still is taking time. I think I’ll be halfway done before the day is out.

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