Not April Fools

On a theoretical level, I don’t mind April Fools jokes to a minor degree. I utterly despise them when they involve more than a single particular person. You’ll never get them from me on a huge scale. That’s why I’m not going to make a joke. Instead, I’m putting up the rest of the rough draft of Spells of Old. So there’s a link for those of you not on my mailing list.

Furthermore, if people interested in what sort of artwork I like, here’s a link to my Deviantart favorites page. It isn’t exhaustive by any means, but hey, it’s an update of sorts! I’ll have a real one tomorrow. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Not April Fools

  1. Well I looked at the Deviantart favorites page and I noticed a little trend, and I must say I approve. Really looking forward to Spells of Old.

    Also, this might interest you, there’s a guy by the name of Randi Darren who wrote Wild Wastes recently and I am 100% sure you’d love it (At least judging by your tastes in Deviantart).


  2. Wild Wastes did come up on my recommended reading list. Personally, I found myself conflicted about it… primarily because I’ve never been a fan of orcs. It might get better past that point, but I’ve been so consumed by my own projects (and current finances) that I didn’t feel like reading more past that point.

    As to Deviantart? My favorite things in the world are elves and succubi. And my favorite superpowered individual is Poison Ivy. Which I find hilarious, since I didn’t put a single natural redhead in Ancient Ruins.


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