Second Draft Complete

My first full editing pass of spells of Old is complete. It’s a much cleaner manuscript than Ancient Ruins was, but that doesn’t mean its acceptable yet. I’m going to be passing it back to my second-draft readers shortly, but I wanted to let everyone know where it stood.

Also, as a complete aside, I’m chagrined to realize that I haven’t been using my site properly. A large number of comments were being flagged as spam, and I only realized this last night. 36 comments were permanently deleted, and I don’t know if they were legitimately spam or not. I’ll keep an eye on that from now on, but so you know, if your comments didn’t go up it was nothing personal, it was me not knowing how to use the spam filter.

And for those of you on my mailing list, I hope you enjoyed what you read. ^_^

3 thoughts on “Second Draft Complete

  1. Ah, I was thinking a reply of mine had somehow gotten lost in the great data nirvana. Well, wasn’t anything important.

    And looks like the one spam post you might actually want to filter gets through ;)


  2. I must say that I’m a little frustrated by not realizing how to get to the full website dashboard (it isn’t obvious). But hey, it is what it is. I’d just rather be honest than pretend to be arrogant or all-knowing.


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