March 19th Update

As I said yesterday, two of my three first-draft readers have finished Spells of Old, and the last is ill, so I went ahead and started editing it. Including both the Prologue and Epilogue, Spells of Old is 58 chapters, and is sitting at approximately 123,500 words in length. I fully expect this will fluctuate somewhat, however.

Last night I finished editing through Chapter 7. I hope to get at least halfway through the remainder today. All of this is the good news.

Now for the bad news. The editor I really like is booked until the beginning of April, and I don’t know for sure I’ll be able to get a slot until the 5th at the soonest, assuming that their availability calendar is up to date. On the other hand, they work really quickly, which means that if everything goes as planned, I will be able to publish by April 15th. I won’t update the pre-order until things are absolutely nailed down, but publication is in sight.

Edit: Oh, and I finally put up a sample of Born A Queen. Leaky brain kept letting me forget about it.

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