Audiobook Update!

So, I just got done listening to the first 15 minutes of Ancient Ruins from the producer, and I loved it. The narrator did an excellent job, and I have to take my hat off to her. I approved things, and presumably the producer will go to full production at this point. From all the estimates I’ve seen, this means that Ancient Ruins will be about a 12.5 hour long audiobook. Since I personally have only listened to about 10 minutes of an audiobook before, I’m not sure how long this is by comparison, but it’s pretty long to me.

Also, I realized that I’ve been avoiding trying to work on the Print-on-Demand stuff because I was annoyed by the formatting, but I’m going to work on that today and try to get everything ready and uploaded so that I can get a proof copy. I’ll upload a picture once I’ve got it, and keep everyone updated.

As another aside…why I keep all of you so updated on random stuff is because when I keep track of authors, this is one of those things that I like to hear about. Just curiosity about progress and the like. Even if it’s something like a person having realized their story doesn’t work and they have to delete 5,000 words or the like. (No, this didn’t happen in Spells of Old! I did have to rework an entire chapter, but I didn’t have to delete it.)

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