April 30th 2023 Update

Talyn: Unyielding is up to about 82,500 words. A little less than I’d hoped, but one of the days this week was not conducive to writing. It’s really unfortunate, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Some days it just seems like nothing goes right.

The Series Survey has been going well, and responses have tapered off quickly, but it’s allowed me to see some patterns already. It’ll be open for another week, and I’m going to go over things in more depth soon after that, but here’s a few takeaways so far.

  • The most popular series of mine is Ancient Dreams, with about 31% of votes, with second place being Eve of Destruction with about 21% of votes.
  • About 25% of people think my main characters are their favorite aspect, and a similar number the lesbian romance. Nothing else comes close.
  • The series people want continued the most is Beesong Chronicles by far, with about 41% to the Through the Fire’s second place at about 17%.
  • Favorite narrators of my existing series are inconclusive, with over 40% not having listened to enough audiobooks, and the highest percentage going to Tess Irondale with 14%, but Abby Craden and Sarah Goer are just behind her with about 12% each.

There isn’t much else to be said about it just yet. There are lots of things I need to put into charts and digest, just to try to nail down more details. I hope you have a wonderful week!

4 thoughts on “April 30th 2023 Update

  1. Ancient Dreams has several charters I would like to see you write about. For example the vampire that saved the two kids and getting to that point would make a great story to follow.


  2. I did try to write that story a few times, but it never seemed to work for me, unfortunately. While it’s possible I’ll write it one day, I don’t want to get your hopes up.


  3. well, I missed the survey (wow did I), but I would say Ancient Dreams is my favorite of your series, and so I’d want to read anything more (I do know you’ve said you are pretty done). That said, I enjoy all your series, so kind of moot :D

    Beesong would my highest my vote for continue (need more Joy!), tho again, more everything! Lilith’s got an Egypt vacation to have go terribly wrong!

    And I’ve never and will never listen to an audio book ;) … maybe if I go blind… but I’d probably rather learn braille :p


  4. Yeah, just a little late, there!

    Not terribly surprising, as those were the most popular votes. And I agree on audiobooks. They just aren’t my thing (though Sarah Goer’s narration of the Egyptian area in Queen of Diamonds was incredible).


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