Dawn of Chaos Released!

Dawn of Chaos is now out! I’m nervous and excited, and really hope you enjoy the book!

You can find it on Amazon, and the link to Amazon.com is below.


If you’d consider leaving a review, I’d deeply appreciate it!

8 thoughts on “Dawn of Chaos Released!

  1. You realize that you’re going to have to write a story about Evelyn’s now revealed extended family, right?

    I enjoyed the story very much, but I’ll need to re-read it again since I pretty much inhaled it in one sitting. One question, out of curiosity – this doesn’t tie into any of your other series, right? I think the similarity I’m seeing vis-a-vis higher beings is innate bias on my part.


  2. That’s intended for the next book, yes.

    As for the other series, the primal gods are shared between all of my settings. So… The End and Kari (Kari’Torath) are the same characters. I’ve been seriously considering having her start making cameos in each series, even if she just pretends to be a barmaid or something. Because that’s something she’d do.

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  3. Good to know that it wasn’t my personal bias. It was great seeing Kari/The End, and the cameo was definitely entertaining. Thank you again for sharing Evelyn (and Fya!) with us.


  4. haha, that was a lot of fun. Poor Evvy, can’t run from Mom. And gossipy gods. And soon a great grandmother!

    I can say I was left wondering if the “God of Sore Losing’s universe” was always supposed to end with the Big Crunch, or if the elder gods just flipped a switch on it after they foresaw him killing everyone else off and didn’t feel like leaving him a whole growing universe to create a power base (after trying to warn him off by way of beatdown).


  5. Glad you enjoyed it! And as to the rest… well, mostly they foresaw that the only ‘good’ members left would be leaving in the near future, and once they were gone? Well, the universe had served its purpose. No chance of changing.


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