January 8th 2023 Update

Yay, I didn’t write 2022! Who wants to bet that I manage it anyway during the next couple of months? Anyway, let’s discuss what’s going to be happening in the coming weeks, and my progress.

First of all, Dawn of Chaos was slowed down by the holidays, and weather, but not stopped. It’s currently sitting at ~90,000 words, which is pretty solid, and moving forward. My gut feeling is that it’s going to end up being about 130,000 words, but I can’t say for sure until it’s done. I also need to get cover art for it, since I haven’t been sure what scene I’d want to depict for this one. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping for a March release on this one.

Speaking of artwork, I’ve commissioned quite a bit of late, possibly more than I should have. I have the finances for it, rest assured, but it’s something I should mention. In particular, my Patrons voted to have an expensive piece created that I’m working on finding an artist for. The next one I’ll probably be sharing isn’t an art piece, persay, but rather a map! I hired the cartographer Thomas Rey to make a world map of Senkar for me, and the map is very close to complete. It’ll probably require adjusting the maps I included in Through the Fire and Soul Bound slightly to fit the overall geography, but I don’t think anything vital has changed. I blame that on me not figuring out dimensions well enough. I’m really looking forward to sharing the map!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I hired someone to work on inputting all of my series into World Anvil for me. It’s going to take a while, because I’ve written a lot, but hopefully it’ll help me keep track of characters, as well as allowing all of you to look them up. None of them are complete yet, but I expect Astral Skies (that’s Eve of Destruction) to be caught up to Mistress of Chaos in the next few weeks. I’ve asked them to work on the currently in-progress series first, then they’ll be going back through the others.

Anyway, that’s everything I can think of, at the moment! Feel free to ask me questions if you’d like!

4 thoughts on “January 8th 2023 Update

  1. Considering just how hilariously off some of the old maps from when they actually reliably knew what the world looked like can be, you can probably put it down as cartographic errors. Only so much even magic can do, particularly when magic requires serious effort to learn to the level that’d be useful for that sort of thing and even more considering getting very accurate mass producible maps likely requires very particular magic Spheres rather than the more common or generic ones usually learned.


  2. The other option is just that the scale is so incredibly zoomed out for the world map that you don’t get all the details.

    In either case, I’m fairly confident there isn’t a true world map in-setting. One of the continents is essentially only rumors.

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  3. I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times, but couldn’t find a post stating what it was exactly, so what is Embers of War, is it a separate series than any of your current works or does it tie in to one? I’m just curious as I’ve seen it mentioned and can’t find any info on it, though I might just be blind.


  4. Right, so… Embers of War is a story currently being shared a chapter a week on my Patreon. It’s currently up to Chapter 39 out of 64 chapters (and an Epilogue). It’s about 157,000 words, and probably the first book of a trilogy. My intention with it is to make sure I have the entire story done before publishing it, because I’m not thrilled with starting another series before one of my current ones is finished, or at least at a stopping point.

    Now, what is it? It’s a fantasy story set in a new universe, not one of my current ones. In it, the protagonist was involved in a war against invading demons, and she died defeating their king. He cursed her soul to be drawn into a hidden hell, so she was tormented for around 2,000 years (mostly chosen because it’s an easy number to work with, and works to make her relatively forgotten even among elves). Finally, one of her old allies managed to find her soul and sold their service to a mysterious being of power to resurrect her. She wakes in a ruin, completely alone because the city fell ages ago, and the story is largely slice of life of her adapting, and trying to recover from the millennia of torment. Of course, a story by me isn’t just that, and eventually another faction of holy zealots decide to poke the bear with a sharp stick, not realizing what they’re doing.

    That’s the long and short of it, anyway.


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