Phoenix Ascendant Audiobook Released

The audiobook of Phoenix Ascendant is out! Sorry for the belated announcement, but it happened while I was dealing with a family emergency.

4 thoughts on “Phoenix Ascendant Audiobook Released

  1. It appears there’s a bit of content missing at the end of chapter 27 as it’s transitioning into 28. Not sure how much exactly is missing tho.


  2. Yes, something went wrong. The narrator spotted that early on and fixed it, yet somehow it got through. She’s currently going through the entire audiobook to see if there are any other problems (somehow Chapter 40 is in there twice, it got included at the end of 39 as well as in its own chapter) and will fix it as soon as we can. Frustrating, but… not much to be done for it. I think that what must have happened is that the old versions got uploaded by accident.


  3. Xandros needs as she put it a REALITY CHECK and a firm beat down. She’s TOO arrogant to anyone and everyone and anyone who doesn’t PANDER to her should be killed. If she wants to go back to ashen realm THAT badly send her. What other reason is she throwing herself in front of lethal attacks and outright I sulting beings that could atomize her


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