Queen’s Journey Audiobook Update

I forgot to include this in yesterday’s blog post, so instead I’m putting it up today. First and foremost, the audiobook is complete. Sarah Goer got the audio done last week, and it has entered Audible’s quality control process. Unfortunately, this process can, in my experience, take anywhere from two weeks to three months to complete. On the other hand, as I’ve started using other distributors as well, you’ll be able to find audiobooks elsewhere. I submitted the files the day after Audible started processing them, and they’re up on two other sites that I’m aware of.

These aren’t all of the retailers that will be carrying the audiobook, just the first ones to have the links go live. For all I know, it’s already live on dozens more! I’m also experimenting with making newly released audiobooks a free reward for high-tier members of my Patreon as well (Archmagi and Demigods in specific), but I haven’t decided if it’s worth it yet. If I do, I’m going to be distributing them via Bookfunnel.

Anyway, that’s the update! Sorry for forgetting yesterday!

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