Hives & Heroism Released

Today Hives & Heroism comes out, and I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks! Here’s a link to it!

Hives & Heroism on

27 thoughts on “Hives & Heroism Released

  1. Hi so I bought the new book………. SOOOO! When’s the audiobook release date? Lol. Good series. Out of curiosity is this the final book in a trilogy like your other series or will there be another book for this series? Or will it be some short stories like you have planned with emonail?


  2. The earliest date Reba Buhr was available was in October, so recording is scheduled to finish in early November. Based on that, the audiobook should be out in November or December, but since Audible delayed Webs & Wards for over 2 months, your guess is as good as mine whether it’ll come out in that window.

    On the other question, this IS a trilogy, but it’s a far more open-ended one. As I said in the epilogue, I want to return to it, if nothing else because I have to title a book Apis & Asps at some point! It’s just a question of time and motivation. And physical health, I suppose. My wrists aren’t happy with me, and I’m having to take it slow while I get a proper-height desk.


  3. Don’t use your wrists then. Used that fantastic fantasy mind of yours to get sistina to do it for you. Im sire phynis will forgive you. The jewels might nag a bit but, well we can’t have them stand in the way of progress. Rofl.


  4. Awesome story!!!!! I loved the way you ended it and even if you have to put it aside for a bit, I can’t wait till you come back to it. On behalf. On behalf of us all, thanks for so many excellent stories… even if our greed for more makes us come off as unappreciative. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!!,


  5. I’ll be honest, I’ve braced myself for at least a *little* hate for that ending. We’ll see if I needed to or not, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I’m going to write as much as I (safely) can, though. We shall see how it goes.


  6. Just for clarification, will you be making another book about Joy and her friends? I just want to make sure I understand correctly.


  7. I completely, totally intend to write more about Joy and her friends. It’s just going to take some time to figure out how much I can do. With my state the last two months, I’m somewhat concerned I may have burnt out slightly, but we’ll see. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.


  8. Okay, like I said, just clarification is all. And don’t push yourself too much. Take a hiatus if you need too. 😀


  9. Oh, I do understand. I don’t blame you at all for wanting more books! I’ve felt the same before, after all.

    I really hope I don’t have to take more of a hiatus, though. I have stuff I want to write!


  10. Take care of your health first. You can’t write good stories if you’re distracted by injuries or illness. We want to read your stories, not your obituary :P

    I did enjoy Hives & Heroism, though I did hate you just a smidge for the ending. Still, it’s been evident throughout the books that a ‘Hero’ was going to be needed, and ‘Heroes’ don’t always survive to the end. OTOH, what happened after was thoroughly entertaining, and I really kind of want to read about one of the apis confusing and befuddling the God of Chaos. (It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.)


  11. I’m certainly going to do my best! I’ve had a (relatively) clean bill of health lately, I just haven’t had much inspiration of late.

    As for the book… as I said at the end, I had this ending in mind from book 1. Oh, some of the details changed, but the general idea was there from the beginning. My main focus was on handling the ending properly. All that said, as the book has only been out for two days, I’ll leave it at that.


  12. I truly enjoyed this series and look foward to new books in this world (however long it takes).
    The only thing I didnt enjoy were the facial expressions in the covers (they creeped me out).

    Was I the only one thinking that the god of chaos had to LOVE the fact that the godesses pulled on over the others by creating a little chaos of their own! Maybe thats just me but I hope to see a bit more of him, he seemed great (why doesnt get a god of chaos/mischief the screentime he deserves)


  13. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books!

    As for Yonra… I get the impression that he doesn’t like having other people surprise him, he likes being the one to surprise others. As for why he hasn’t had a lot of screen time? That’s because I saw him as more of the ‘inciting incident’, and I have trouble getting into his head. We’ll see if that changes in the future.


  14. Yonra reminds me a bit of Coyote and Loki… albeit a Loki without the baggage of Ragnarok. I agree he’s more of an ‘let’s get someone else to do this and see what happens’ than actively following through on things or participating. It’d be fascinating for him to be confronted with Joy… but it would be fiendishly hard to write.


  15. I was immensely happy to see that Hives and Heroism came out (and on my birthday!), but a bit saddened the audio-book won’t be released for some time. I’m not sure what’s up with your hands (I tried to avoid reading too many of the comments due to spoilers, I haven’t decided if I will listen with text to speech or just wait till release), but owning a split keyboard and using a height adjustable desk has done wonders for me.

    Hope you are doing well and wishing you all the best, from someone, who when they hear your books, has a buzzing good time.


  16. I’m not sure if you’re meaning Loki from Marvel or mythology, but if it’s the latter, I’d agree with you. Yonra is intended to be a *very* gray character, not a good or evil one. He just loves to throw wrenches into the plans of other people and see how they squirm, in my opinion.

    I very nearly had a full conversation between him and Joy directly at the end of the book, but it didn’t fit into the story flow so I changed my mind. I’m not sure that I’d have had much trouble with it, but… who knows for sure? I didn’t write it, after all!


  17. I really wish that the audiobook could come out sooner, but alas, it isn’t in my hands. If I could’ve gotten it out for a simultaneous release, I would’ve, but I know that Reba has been busy lately. Hopefully it’ll get done sooner than later, but I totally understand if you want to wait!

    Regarding my hands, best guess is that it’s Repetitive Strain Injury from my keyboard being too high up for my height. I had it on my desktop, which is 31 inches tall, and after doing some research, apparently 27 inches is about ideal for me. I’ve since moved it to the keyboard tray, which is… not ideal, but seems to help. Problem is that the keyboard and mouse don’t comfortably fit on the tray, so now the keyboard is off-center, with me having to reach a little to the left to type. I’ve ordered an adjustable height desk, but for whatever reason half of the desk has been stuck in shipping for two weeks, and I’m waiting on it. Also, I don’t use a split keyboard, but I do use one of the microsoft natural ergonomic keyboards that I like.

    Thank you for the well wishes, though! I hope you enjoy the book when you read it!

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  18. Loki from Norse mythology is indeed the one I’m thinking of… Marvel’s interpretation isn’t really true to the idea of a trickster god. Watching others squirm does suit Yonra, he’s the God of Chaos, and chaos usually means change or an unexpected event, which is never comfortable.

    Sorry to hear your wrists are giving you trouble – hopefully your new desk will arrive soon and help with the situation. Might also visit your doctor (if you haven’t already) or perhaps a chiropractor. In any case, I hope things are better for you soon.


  19. Pretty much what I think about Yonra. Yet, like so many other deities, he doesn’t like it when people do it to him.

    But yeah, I’ve been doing better with my keyboard at a lower height, plus the occasional use of a wrist brace. I gave the manufacturer a call about the desk earlier, and it sounds like the second package just got missed (or was damaged) during shipping. Annoying, but that’s how it goes.


  20. Natural keyboards FTW! They don’t get enough love.

    I think one of my favorite gods of chaos that have made it into a book is from ‘everybody loves large chests’. His parts are pretty funny, but I think a good portion of that is that i really enjoy the name & appearance thing the author went with.

    I def enjoyed the ending of Hives and Heroism, though i’m not sure how I would’ve felt without the epilogue parts. Joy’s really just such fun. Glad you are doing better. RSI’s aren’t fun (I’m a programmer, hands/wrists are life!)


  21. I didn’t know (or care) about natural keyboards until I met my wife, and it took a while for me to adapt to them, but now? I prefer them by far. But my new desk (adjustable, so I can set it to the right height) and getting a stress ball to exercise my hands seems to have dealt with the problem, which makes me happy.

    Oh, believe me, I expected to be ripped apart if I didn’t add those epilogue bits. Even if I had the story planned from the beginning. But I’m really glad you enjoyed it!


  22. Just finished the third book. As a hobbyist bee keeper, I completely loved this series and REALLY look forward to the moment when Joy makes it back to her friends.

    One of the things I truly enjoyed was all the accuracy I came across as it pertains to these fascinating creatures… and how it was adapted to this genre. Even the down to the point where the shadebough queen reflected on how her hive overruled her… even that was a reflection of reality.

    Well done Sir!


  23. I’m glad you enjoyed the book! The series has been, well, a joy to write. She never fails to brighten my day, even if she’s a bit of a sociopath compared to other people!

    Regarding bees, I can’t say how happy it makes me to hear that from you. I spent a great deal of time researching bees (and army ants) in order to get them at least close enough. I spent a lot of time on wikipedia in particular trying to get enough information that if people who knew a lot about them read the books, it’d at least be close enough not to raise their hackles. I’m glad that I managed to do it!


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