Crisis of Faith Audiobook is live!

The audiobook of Crisis of Faith is now live! Unfortunately, iTunes is lagging behind like it usually does, but it’s available on both Audible and Amazon! I’ll link both below, and if you are into audio, I hope you enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “Crisis of Faith Audiobook is live!

  1. By the way the new Lilith book was very good. I am quite interested to see if Spark and Archon join the relationship.


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! As for Archon and Spark… one of the things I focus on is not forcing relationships to happen. If their personalities bring them together… well, we’ll see!


  3. Nice! I am curious though, about what may happen.😁 And it is cool how Shadow Mind is making sure they protect her instead of turn against her.


  4. Ah, the problem there is that it can easily turn other ways. I’ve mentioned that Shadowmind is a villain many times, but in all fairness, people haven’t seen her perpetrate evil. Eventually, that’s going to change.


  5. Oh man! I wish you hadn’t said that now my insides are going to look like a pasta pot when the medical examiner is going to a biopsy to figure out how I died! It is cause of cliffhangers\teasers from authors (like you) who do me in!😂


  6. I know, and I acknowledge it, but now I am worried about Lilith and their relationship with Archon and her group, furry tail lords, I worry about Archon and her group too.


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