December 1st 2019 Update

I can hardly believe it’s December! Time flies when you’re busy, I suppose. In any case, this last week was Thanksgiving in the United States, but that wasn’t the only reason I decided to delay working on Queen’s Move for a week. It was also because I was in the final stages of writing the draft of Webs & Wards, Beesong Chronicles 2, and I finished it Monday, with approximately 82,000 words. I then edited it, and have sent it off to my Alpha readers, which gives me time to focus fully on Queen’s Move this upcoming week.

Now, just to be clear, while I don’t have a pre-order up for Webs & Wards, I do have a release date. I’m going to be releasing Webs & Wards on January 13th, and the pre-order will go up once I have a description of the book that I’m happy with.

It’s entirely likely that one of the next couple of weeks is going to be taken up by a second editing session of Webs & Wards as well, but even so I should have Queen’s Move complete before the end of the month, and should be editing it at the beginning of the new year. Lots of progress!

Oh, and just in case people were wondering… I did not participate in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this year. The general goal is 50,000 words, and I write a bit more than that every month, so I didn’t see the need. Besides, my muse would implode if I tried to do that as well as my current projects!

6 thoughts on “December 1st 2019 Update

  1. It was great, on the whole! Had good food, saw the in-laws, and generally relaxed. We also had friends over the next day for a secondary celebration and to game, which went well. I made the mashed potatoes I mentioned in Born a Queen, though I forgot the rosemary, and my wife made a turkey. It was fun!


  2. Does me throwing giant, mutated rats at the players when they delved into the under-city help at all?

    I was running a Mutant Chronicles game. It’s a little like a 1950s detective noir game crossed with Warhammer 40k.


  3. It’s a very, very odd game. I’m specifically playing up the detective noir part of the story (with middling success), but it can be entirely focused on the war against the Dark Symmetry, or corporate espionage (megacorps mostly rule) and other stuff. It’s fun, I think!


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