December 9th 2018 Update

The Obsidian Palace has been read my Alpha readers. Overall, the reactions to it have been extremely favorable, though there are a few points that need polish, which makes me happy. That means I’ll be starting the next stage of the editing process this week.

With things there at an ebb, I’ve managed to start writing on Heaven’s Fallen on the side again, which is useful considering I’m sharing the draft with my Patreon a chapter at a time. I’ve also been quietly churning through my plans for Crisis of Faith, but I don’t want to make any final decisions until I’ve had a chance to re-read the other books. I’m sure they’ll spark additional plans that I can weave into the whole.

Considering everything, I don’t have a lot else to say just yet. I’m waiting on an art piece (not for any current stories, sadly… though I have Plans for it), and I’m pondering a blog post about some aspects of Senkar and Through the Fire that simply haven’t come up more than peripherally in the books. Silly as it may seem, I’m fond of calendars for the setting, and there are a few oddities about the world’s that I’ll probably explain this Wednesday, possibly with some additional rambling. Probably with rambling, actually.

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