October 7th 2018 Update

So, got the final pieces of feedback on Queen of Ice, and started the next step of editing. I’m not enormously far along so far, only about 15% of the way through the document, but it’s coming along reasonably well. Besides, the first part of the book is always the hardest to edit, since it takes me a few chapters to get into the swing of writing.

Anyway, I’ll likely finish the editing next week, then I’ll send it to the editor early. He probably won’t have a chance to work on it until later than that, but I’d rather get it to him early.

On the other hand, I really have enjoyed the story on the whole, thus far. Ruethwyn is an odd protagonist, Essryl is an odd antagonist, and the other characters… I just find them fun to write about. Amusingly enough, I have not planned out any romantic interest of Ruethwyn’s, and I’m not sure who, if anyone, she’s going to end up with. Likely as not she’s going to have something of a headache.

Anyway! Not much else of note today, so I’m gonna go. Have fun, everyone!

2 thoughts on “October 7th 2018 Update

  1. This doesn’t really have anything to do with your current post, but… I just wanted to do a follow-up from a message of mine from many months ago.

    I actually did buy the Audible version of Marin’s Codex, and you were right: the narrator did an excellent job. I was afraid that it would hard to keep all the characters in order, but it wasn’t the case: it was very clear who was speaking and it was easy to follow the story alongside (the smaller cast compared the ancient dream series probably helped some too though).

    Regarding the books themselves, I was super happy with Halls of Power. Superb book, and there was a note about you being unsure about the ending: Personally, I was very pleased with it and I felt it was very good. On a separate note, Tyria’s awakening segment was exceedingly well done: you could really feel the power and presence she brought with the way you wrote that scene. Super impressive and memorable! I’ll admit I still found the whole Daniel and co parts kind of underwhelming compared to the rest and one plot thread I was hoping to get more attention on didn’t happen, but overall? Easy five stars from me for the book.

    Marin’s Codex was pretty good on the whole. I did prefer the main Ancient Dreams series over it a fair bit, but I’ll admit it’s more due to personal preference: it was comparatively a much comfier tale with very few happenings, struggles or opposition. A nice relaxing read (or in my case, listening); a bit too much so for my personal taste to be honest, but it was well written and interesting.

    I just bought The Avatar’s Flame; looking forward to plunge into it. Thank you for the great books!


  2. Not a problem on it being off-topic! These are supposed to be more of ‘Here’s where I am’ posts, so talking about other stuff is perfectly fine with me.

    I’m glad you liked Sarah’s narration, because I’m planning to go back to her (assuming her schedule is open) when I write Crisis of Faith. While I may personally not care for audiobooks, I prefer to make them as good as I reasonably can for those who do.

    Ancient Dreams, and Halls of Power, seems to have been somehow been pure magic on my end. They were far more popular than I expected, and I’m still trying to find that magic in my other series. I loved Tyria and the other characters, but alas, Daniel and company… well, I suppose I’ll be frank. I planned on them being a larger part of the story back in Ancient Ruins, but that fell by the wayside, primarily because I find writing dungeon delves boring. I wish that it wasn’t, because it could’ve used more attention, you’re right.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy The Avatar’s Flames! Today I hope to finish another editing pass on Queen of Ice, then it’s off to the editor.

    Oh, and you’re welcome! It’s people like you who buy them that make me able to keep putting books out. ^_^


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