September 2nd 2018 Update

It’s September already? Sheesh, I feel like August went by far faster than June or July did, which is weird. Anyway, Queen of Ice is at a bit over 69,000 words, and I anticipate finishing the rough draft sometime around the middle of the month. Overall it’s going well, and I’m enjoying writing the book!

I’m still working on the secondary project I’ve talked about, and it’s almost to the point that I’m going to be sharing it with a couple of alpha readers to see whether I should keep it up or drop it entirely. I have my doubts about the story, but that’s to be expected, and I don’t want to get people’s hopes up if I end up dropping it.

Anyway, there isn’t a lot else to say right now. I’ve been poking some of the ideas I’m considering for the future, debating how to go about them, but no decisions have been made. I’ve also been toying with some older ideas as well and thoughts of working on them more slowly in the background. Regardless, things are going reasonably well. I look forward to sharing once I have details worked out.

3 thoughts on “September 2nd 2018 Update

  1. Perfect timing, I was just thinking about your newsletters 😊 Great to hear Queen of Ice is coming along well, not long now and I’ll be reading it. 🐨


  2. With my newsletters, I only send them out every other week, except when a new release messes up the pattern. Part of the reason I go every other week is because it’s hard to have enough story chapters available to share even at that rate.

    Queen of Ice should definitely be out on its release date of November 12th, too. I tried to get a slightly earlier release date (only by a week), but the editor’s schedule was full and I had to push it back.

    Anyway, that’s a few more details for you!


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