A Brief Break

So, I’ve had a heck of a month. I’m not going to go into specifics, because you’re all following me for my writing, not to hear me gripe about stuff around the house. That being said, I’ve been under a lot of stress since about the 7th. I… don’t deal well with stress. I zone out, shut down, and can’t get much that’s productive done. Yesterday that spiked hard, fortunately after I sent out the ARCs on Monday, so it isn’t going to interfere there.

In all honesty, if something to screw with my head was going to happen, now is the best time for it to occur. I’m between books, and was planning to deal with smaller projects until May, though editing Ancient Dreams may not seem ‘small’ to other people. I’m going to take a break until near the launch of Down with the Queen, to try to recover, and hopefully I’ll have my bathroom back by that point.

Oh, that being said, I am preparing to edit Ancient RuinsSpells of Old, and Halls of Power for the Ancient Dreams Omnibus. I have all of their contents in a single document, and am preparing to have a go at it once my head’s on straight again. I’m going to be going through it to try to file off some of the rough edges, and possibly to expand some bits here or there. So if there are some details you really, really feel need to be addressed in the omnibus… let me know. I’ve already integrated the Extended Ending, so that isn’t part of the question.

Incidentally, trying to fit all three books into a paperback is going to be a beast… I hope I can manage it, but I’ll let you know. I’m also exploring a hardback option, but that requires going through Barnes & Noble.

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