March 11th, 2018 Update

I’ve received feedback from the Beta Team for the most part, and I’m giving Down with the Queen a last editing pass before sending it off to the editor. Unless disaster strikes, the book will be ready for the release with plenty of time. We’ll see in the end, but I’m excited to see the book in the wild!

Now, I know a few people have been asking about the audiobook of Marin’s Codex and when it’d be out. I still don’t have a precise date, but I approved the audio on Friday, and am waiting for ACX (Audible) to approve the audio. This is supposed to take 10-14 business days, so according to that it should release between the 23rd and 29th. I’m not holding my breath, and will announce its release as soon as it goes live. I wish I could set a pre-order that they had to approve it by, but independent authors don’t get things like that, alas.

In related news, I’ve signed a contract to have Sarah Goer narrate Down with the Queen as well, and unless things go wrong, anticipate it around the end of May. Of course this could be moved and I want to warn that it isn’t guaranteed, but Sarah and I are going to do our best to get the second book done as close to the contract date as possible.

As a last bit of information, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to work much on my other projects lately. My wife and I were getting some housework done, and the aftermath revealed other problems that need to be dealt with quickly, so I’ve been trying to work those out. I’ll be working on my projects as I can, but at least Down with the Queen was pretty much done when the current issues cropped up.

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