Born a Queen Audiobook is Live!

The audiobook of Born a Queen is live! I’ll note that as normal, it takes a day or two for it to go live in the iTunes store. Links to Amazon and Audible below. Also, please let me know what you think of Sarah, the narrator, as I quite liked how distinct the different character voices were.




iTunes is live!

4 thoughts on “Born a Queen Audiobook is Live!

  1. Listened to the sample on audible, and i think you picked an awesome narrator in Sarah Beth Goer :D.

    This kicks ass, not only do i have a new audio book to enjoy when my audible credit rolls in, but Marin’s Codex is due out in a few weeks, 2018 is going to start off with a bang.


  2. Sarah was amazing to work with, and I loved how distinct she made each character’s voice. I’m just not huge into audiobooks, so I don’t have much experience with narrators. ^_^


  3. I have around 650 audio books in my audible library, and I wish that even half had her level of talent for voice acting, a good narrator reads a book but an awesome narrator gives life to the characters and another dimension of depth to the story to enjoy.


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