Born a Queen Incoming

Born A Queen CoverLRSo, over the next 24 hours Born a Queen will be released worldwide. In fact, I believe it’s already available in Australia! Regardless of that, there’s a part of me that’s worried about releasing a new series. Another part of me is excited, but we’ll see how things go.

For myself, I’m going to try to keep my head down and write some other stuff along the way. Marin’s Codex is coming along, not as well as I hoped, but at a reasonable pace. I’m trying to get it right, after all!

8 thoughts on “Born a Queen Incoming

  1. Born a Queen was a great read. Took me all night to finish – but it was worth it. Well done, especially with the slow build of the plot and promising foreshadowing.


  2. Well I’m hooked on Born a Queen as much as I love the Ancient Dreams series, going to reserve a credit on audible if you decide to realise it in audio 😀


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