Project Lists: 8/16/2017

So, first and foremost, I now have an Upcoming Projects page, where you can see vague summaries of the projects I have intended in the pipeline. If you don’t want even vague summaries, I’ll list the order of series below, and how long I anticipate them being.

  • Born a Queen
  • Before the Godsrage – This is an anthology about the Ancient Dreams series.
  • Down With the Queen – Sequel to Born a Queen, at the moment all that’s confirmed. This may continue onward, unknown at present.
  • Through the Fire – Currently expected to be a trilogy.
  • Sisters of Radiance – Currently with a sequel, depends on plot whether it expands.

This is my current project list, and depending on how things work out, this could easily take me through next year and into 2019 to get through. I really don’t know. Beyond these projects, I also have several ideas for short stories to novellas involving characters from Ancient Dreams. Scratch that, I have several dozen ideas for short stories, so those may be interspersed among the other stories.

Thus, is it any surprise that it’s frustrating to me when I get more ideas, or when old ideas decide they want to resurrect themselves? I’ve got two of the latter which won’t leave me alone, and it’s annoying. I figure I’ll mention one of them below, because it might, might get them to ease off for a while.

Ashes of Time – This story saddens me in many ways. In my personal view, it’s a tragedy. Depending on how I wrote it, it might not seem that way and the hero might have a happy ending by comparison. It really depends on whether I actually tell the full story. In essence, however, this is a fantasy story where at the End of Time ™ a group sends a message back in time to try to prevent their current reality from ever coming about. The heroine in question died in the original timeline, and is rescued to help it not come about. I don’t dare say more than that at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Project Lists: 8/16/2017

  1. Do you by chance have any idea roughly how long it takes from when audible gets book manuscript to when audiobook is available?


  2. So, it’s a lot more complicated than that. While Audible does produce audiobooks of its own, I don’t have the standing to go through them to produce an audiobook.

    I use what’s called ACX. ACX allows a narrator, producer, or author to sign up, and then try and find someone to work with (many narrators function as producers in this manner). Essentially, for instance I might put up a couple of pages of Born a Queen on ACX as a ‘sample manuscript’, and open it for auditions, with some general instructions. Those who’re interested in the job will record auditions and upload them, then I listen to them. If I find any I like, I make an offer, and we set up a contract.

    I got the manuscript to the audiobook producer on the 31st of July. Depending on his schedule, the narrators schedule, and the amount of text, I’d guess that it’ll take roughly through the end of this month for them to record everything, possibly until the 15th of September. Then they have to make sure the audio is good, do basic edits, and send it back to me. I listen through the entire thing, reading along from the manuscript to make sure it’s accurate and take notes. This takes 3-5 days. I send corrections back to them, which probably will take a week to get dealt with, then they upload them and send them back. Then I hit approve.

    From the time I hit ‘approve’, it’s supposed to be 10-15 business days before the audiobook goes live. Last time it took a full month. This is why I don’t dare even guess when the audiobook will be live. While I hope it’ll be out in September, I wouldn’t expect it before October out of sheer pessimism.


  3. (Whistle) wow thats a much more in depth explanation that i had hoped for. Thanks for increasing my knowledge on the subject. Sounds like it will be out much faster than dungeon madness though. You are much faster which is a relief as im really looking forward to it


  4. I am, in my opinion, a compulsive ‘explainer’. I tend to write more than is strictly necessary to explain something most of the time, but in part because I want to let people understand why I don’t have a concrete timeline. I’d love to just say when the audiobook would be out, but alas, I cannot. I’ll also add that I’d prepared to get the audiobook to the producer well ahead of time, which helps with the turnaround time.


  5. So the description of Ashes of Time you gave is vague enough I can’t really comment on it much, but the concept itself certainly sounds really interesting. Although I’m kind of a sucker for a bittersweet ‘cast a light into the future’ sacrifice play from heroes XD (I know it’s the past this time, but semantics)


  6. Yeah, the problem was, as I was writing the description I realized I couldn’t say anything more without giving away something absolutely, /insanely/ massive about the plot. It’s depressing in its own way. -_-


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